How onion helps to get an amazing skin

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onion for skin

The onion is a part of many cuisines in the world. It brings a whole new taste to the meal. It is wonderful for your health as well. Onion contains a lot of vitamins, mineral etc. It helps to boost the immunity of the body and promotes healthy digestion. The onion is also great for your skin. It has vitamin A that helps to provide glowing skin easily. The onion also has vitamin E and C that protects your skin from the free radicals. It is simply the best and the most natural way to improve your skin. Let’s find out how onion improves your skin. (Also read: How to use Neem oil to get rid of the problem of dandruff)

Improves the complexion
The vitamins in the onion help to rejuvenate the skin. This will prevent the dry and dull appearance of the skin. It can improve the complexion of the skin instantly. For the usage take one onion and one cup of water. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with cool water.

Removes pimples
If you are worried about the pimples then onion can be your best friend. It reduces the pimples, acne and the spots. For this take one onion, one small spoon of honey and one small spoon of lemon juice. Make a mix and keep t on your face for 20 minutes. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of sprouts for skin)

For dry skin treatment
The hydrating agent in the onion helps to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. It also keeps the skin soft. For this take half an onion, 1 spoon of oatmeal, 1 spoon of honey and egg yolk. Make a mix of oatmeal and onion. Add yolk and honey to it. Apply the mixture to your face for 15 minutes. Wash the face with cool water.

Reduces the sign of ageing
The onion has anti-ageing traits. Other than this it has antioxidants, vitamin A, E and C in it. These things help to control the signs of ageing. For this purpose simply massage your face with onion juice. The blood circulation is improved and you see visible changes. (Also read: How to make your own sunscreen at home)

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