How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair

How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair

Starting your day with a cup of black tea is one of the healthiest habits and will bless your body in multiple ways. Black tea helps to remove the harmful toxins from the body and make the body active. Being low in caffeine content than coffee, black tea is often considered healthy and essential for the body. Black tea is one of the highly consumed beverages in the world. Not only in India, even in China, it is consumed on daily basis. What makes black tea so essential and healthy? Black tea is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols which has how contents of sodium, protein and carbohydrates and make it good for the body. (Also read: What are the beauty benefits of camphor or karpur)

Black tea is a blessing for skin and the hair. Thus, one should consume it daily in order to maintain the glow of the skin and encourage hair growth.

How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair?

Black tea helps to prevent skin infection: Our skin requires a lot of pampering and care. The presence of microbes is the main cause of various skin infections. Black tea contains catechins and flavonoids that help to prevent various skin related issues. Thus, consumption of black tea speed up the process of skin healing.

Prevents premature ageing of skin: Consumption of black tea helps to reduce the signs of ageing on skin and also prevents the wrinkles from showing up. Black tea acts as an anti-ageing ingredient. It helps to heal the skin and protect it from getting aged. (Also read: What are the essential tips for applying a sunscreen lotion)

Reduce blemishes from skin: Black tea being anti-oxidant in nature, helps to reduce blemishes from the face. It thus helps to boost the overall confidence of a person and make them get a glowing skin within no time. Either drink black tea or apply the same over the infected area to get immediate results.

Reduces hair fall: Black tea helps to prevent the hair loss. Consumption of black tea helps to reduce the stress from the body and prevent hair loss. It is antioxidant in nature which helps to keep the hair healthy.

Brings shine and lustre to hair: Long, thick and dark shiny hair is desired by all. Black tea helps to get desired hair by either consumption of black tea or washing hair with black tea solution. It adds lustre to the dull and lifeless hair. Besides this, it even makes the hair soft, smooth and long.

Promotes hair growth: It has been scientifically proved that consumption of black tea and washing hair with black tea help to promote hair growth. It helps to get strong and shiny hair making the roots hold onto the hair tight. (Also read: How to make your nail polish last longer)

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