How face masks made of pomegranate are beneficial for skin

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how face masks made of pomegranate are beneficial for skin

Everyone desire for the flawless skin as it amplifies the personality. People adopt various method to enhance the beauty. Applying face pack is one of the most famous methods. There are a variety of face packs available in the market with a different purpose. Unfortunately, the majority of face packs provide instant results due to the presence of chemicals. It is believed the chemicals present in face packs are not conducive to the health of skin in long term. If you also want to enhance the beauty of face without any side effects and which is beneficial for longer terms then you make face packs with pomegranate. (Also read: Which bedtime skin care tips provide results in a week)

 The pomegranate is beneficial for every type of skin whether it is oily or dry. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that heal the skin and also helps in repairing skin. Pomegranates prevent the growth of collagen, resulting in reduced acne and hyper-pigmentation on the skin. Here are various face masks made of pomegranate can he be used for flawless skin.

Let’s know how to make a face mask of pomegranate.

Pomegranate and lemon face masks
Pomegranate and lemon have a vitamin and antioxidant in the face mask. It works to enhance the tone of the face and also remove dryness. Make a mixture of pomegranate and lemon juice and apply it for 30 minutes on the face. Then wash it with cold water. It provides freshness to your skin and prevents sunburn and tanning. (Also read: How to get rid of the dry skin from leg and feet)

Pomegranate and green-tea face mask
Pomegranate and green-tea face mask contains antioxidant that removes dead cells of the skin and bring freshness to the dull skin. Make a mixture of pomegranate, curd and green-tea and apply it for 20 to 25 minutes on the face. Wash your face after 25 minutes. Doing this process will make your skin glow.

Pomegranate and honey face mask
The face mask made of pomegranate and honey contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which keep the skin healthy and shiny. Mix one teaspoon honey in pomegranate and apply it for 30 minutes on a face. Then wash it well. Repeat this process at least 2 to 3 times in weak.

Pomegranate and yoghurt face mask
The facemask made of pomegranate and yoghurt protects your skin from dryness and also provides freshness. It also removes the acne on the skin. Make pomegranate and yoghurt paste and apply it for 20 to 25 minutes on the face. Then wash it well. This procedure is very effective to eliminate dead skin cells. (Also read: What Are The Dos & Don’ts Every Man Should Know While Shaving Body Hair)

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