How cosmetic surgery ruined the looks of Bollywood celebrities

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery has become a trend in the Bollywood industry. Some actresses undergo cosmetic surgery secretly to improve upon their natural looks. They do not admit undergoing a surgery when they have been asked for. However, there are few celebrities who have confidently admitted that they have undergone needles and cuts to fix their looks. In most of the cases, these cosmetic surgeries have come up with major blunders. Right form Ayesha Takia, Rakhi Sawant to Anushka Sharma and Vaani Kapoor, every single actress has done a major mistake by taking up this daring step. Instead of any improvement to the particular feature of their face, they have degraded the overall appearance of their face and body. We must consider the fact that every cosmetic surgery involves a great amount of risk with them. (Also read: Why do celebrities get into controversy to seek attention)

Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery?
Bollywood industry is flooded with celebrities who have gained popularity with a number of experiments they have done with their looks. They have undergone many surgeries to fix a particular part or feature of their face. Listed below are such famous faces of the industry:

Anushka Sharma
Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery
Anushka Sharma the bubbly girl of the B-town had a great kick-start to her career with her first movie ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. Her success knew no limits until she had undergone a lip job. No matter she constantly denied her cosmetic surgery but the disaster was quite visible on her face. (Also read: Which Male Bollywood celebrities have the best body in the industry)

Vaani Kapoor
Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery
The Befikre actress, Vani Kapoor showed up with lip surgery in the movie. Though she outrightly denies undergoing a surgery she can’t hide the fact from her audience. It was again a mishap for her!

Rakhi Sawant
Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery
Being popular as controversial queen, Rakhi Sawant is also famous for a large number of cosmetic surgeries she has undergone. She has undergone a breast lifting surgery and also a surgery on her face, which eventually deteriorated her overall look.

Ayesha Takia
Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery
Lip job in the B-town is quite common. Adding to the list of celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery, Ayesha Takia is also one of them. Her lip blunder has made her look awkward. Eventually, she has lost the innocence which she denoted in her early career.

Esha Deol
Which celebrities ruined their look with cosmetic surgery
Esha Deol, who didn’t any way mark any significant performance in the industry, also has undergone a lip job. It again proved disastrous for her as it made her look not-so-good.

What are the most common side effects of cosmetic surgery?
There are many side effects of cosmetic surgery which are irreversible and can be very serious too.

Permanent scars: Undergoing a knife to improve the overall look of a particular organ might leave you a permanent scar. These scars are the red in colour and form a red bulge cut mark. There are around 5 percent chances of appearance of these marks on the skin after breast augmentation.

Damage to an organ: Surgeries like liposuction might damage a particular internal organ. In order to reciprocate the damage, a person has to undergo another surgery.

Infection: Cosmetic surgery and infection go hand in hand. There are many chances of undergoing a skin infection once you are under the knives. During breast surgery, there are great chances of catching infection like cellulitis.

Nerve damage: Sometimes undergoing a cosmetic surgery can damage the nerves permanently. After a breast surgery, some woman loses the nipple sensation while others experience numbness and dumbness in their particular nerve.

Dissatisfaction: The success rate of cosmetic surgery is not quite high. It is evident that cosmetic surgery often results in blunder and actually makes the person look even worse than before. A personal dissatisfaction with one’s own look and unacceptance form society is one of the traumatic feelings. (Also read: World Mental Health Day 2017: Celebrities who have been a victim of depression and admitted it)

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