How castor oil is useful for skin and hair

How castor oil useful for skin and hair

We all know about the multiple uses of castor oil to treat skin and hair problems. Castor oil has got all the essential properties that are required to get a beautiful flawless skin and healthy hair. It has a lot of health benefits, besides this, it is a blessing for skin and hair too. It is a widely used ingredient to treat many skin ailments and other problems as it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature. (Also read: Best natural oils for removing makeup)

Here are some of the benefits of castor oil for skin and hair:

Reduces skin inflammation: Castor oil is extremely beneficial to treat skin ailments. It reduces skin inflammation caused by the acne, sun burns, tanning, allergies etc. Simply applying castor oil over the infected area helps to provide instant relief.

Make the skin acne free: It reduces the onset of acne on the skin. As castor oil has ricinoleic acid that helps to fight against the bacteria causing acne on the skin. It even clears the skin from acne marks and even reduces the chances the further uprooting of them on the skin. (Also read: Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin)

Reduces the signs of ageing: Castor oil keeps the skin young and radiant for a long period of time. It helps to keep you look younger and keeps the skin fresh. Besides this, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and reduces the chances of getting wrinkles on the skin as well.

Reduces stretch marks: Appearance of stretch marks is common after pregnancy. Castor oil improves the elasticity of the skin, thus reduce the possibility of stretch marks. Also, applying castor oil over the affected area reduces the stretch marks within no time.

Promotes hair growth: Castor oil is good for keeping the hair strong and healthy. It improves the blood circulation in the body which ultimately results in faster and good hair growth. Besides this, it also contains fatty acid which helps to keep hair thick and healthy.

Treats scalp infection: Castor oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature. Thus, it helps to get rid of itchy scalp, dandruff, rough patches, bald patches completely.

Helps to maintain the colour of hair: Castor oil helps to prevent the hair from greying. It helps to maintain the colour pigment of the hair for a much longer time period.

Works as a conditioner: Castor oil works as a conditioner for hair. It prevents the breaking of hair. However, it also helps to make the hair smooth and shiny without turning them dry. (Also read: Six ways to make your hair colour last longer)

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