Hot or cold water: Know which water is beneficial for hair

Hot or cold water: Know which water is beneficial for hair

Strong and dense hair enhance the beauty of your face, but it is very important to wash them properly and to protect them from the ill effects of polluted environments. Some people use hot water and some people use cold water to wash hair. But whatever water you use to wash your hair, it has a great effect on the strength and development of your hair. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing water. (Also read: Avoid these mistakes to keep your skin healthy in winter)

Let’s know the results of washing the hair with hot water or cold water so that you can make better decisions.

Washing the hair with hot water:

Clears oily and dirt
hot or cold water know which water is beneficial for hairs
Washing the hair with warm water cleanses the scalp and also removes all the dirt. The warm water softens the scalp and the dirt goes out easily.


Hot water removes moisture from the scalp and makes it dehydrated, causing it to become rigid and the roots of the hair become weak This also causes hair fall.

Split hair

The hot water snatches the natural oil from the hair and makes them dry and rough, due to which hair development stops. (Also read: What Are The Alkaline Foods You Need In Winters To Nourish Your Skin)

Washing hair with cold water:

Cleans the scalp

After washing the hair with cold water, the skin of the head turns tight, due to which the scalp pores get closed and the oil or the dirt doesn’t accumulate.

Provides Moisture

The cold water closes the pores. It retains the head and hair moisture, which does not make the scalp dry and the hair remains healthy.

Increase blood flow

Blood flow is intensified when scalp exposed to cold water. Blood nourishes the hair properly and makes them shiny and dense. (Also read: What Are The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin B Which Promote Hair Growth)

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