Why regular face cleansing is necessary

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Why regular face cleansing is necessary

It is very important to cleanse your skin regularly to maintain a radiant look. Cleansing doesn’t mean washing off the face with water and patting it dry. Usually, during night, the skin cells also undergo the repair process and if not clean they will only cause damage to the skin.  Let’s take a look at why facial cleansing is so important.

Cleansing is an intense process that involves 2 basic steps.

1. Washing face:

A right kind of face wash or a cleanser should be applied to remove the uppermost dirt and oily layer that got stuck to the skin. All through the day, we gather pollutants, dust, dirt, bacteria on the skin that needs to be shed down before they ruin the skin.

Always go for the right kind of face wash or cleanser. Your skin type should be the basis of your consideration. If you have an oily skin then go for something that takes away the extra oil and in the case of dry skin, apply the product providing your skin necessary nourishment.

2. Moisturising Skin: Not just rinsing, moisturising skin is equally important. While we wash our face, the pores of the skin open up and invite the dust particles to get cling to the skin. Moisturise your face with the right lotion to let your skin repair overnight. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated and wrinkle-free.

There are certain Don’ts associated with cleansing
Why cleansing of face is necessary

  • Don’t use a harsh cleanser that leaves the skin dry and rough. Such skin is prone to breakage and more exposure to damage.
  • Don’t always pick up a foaming gel or wash. Foaming face wash has Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, which is not good for the skin.
  • Don’t go for soap bars. They are harsh and do not contain any essential oil that could nourish skin.
  • Using toner for skin also helps in gaining highly radiant and healthy skin. Toner helps in toning down the uneven spots on the skin. There are few more natural ingredients available which can make the skin healthy and flawless. However, applying mashed papaya with a pinch of turmeric can do wonders.
  • Applying honey and milk on the face can help in restoring the natural glow of your face.
  • Before going to bed one must clean the face properly to have a sound sleep and in the reducing the skin ageing cells to grow. Apply some rose water to nourish the skin gently with natural ingredient.
  • One can always take suggestions from their dermatologist in case of any doubt.
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