Healthy skin: Oatmeal face pack to make skin more beautiful

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Healthy skin: How to get flawless skin with oatmeal facepack

Everyone desires for the healthy and flawless skin. The healthy and flawless skin enhance the beauty of an individual. In this regard, people use many beauty products available on the market. These products provide instant results they are harmful in long term. The excessive use of these products causes skin-related problems. It always better uses to s natural products and these products do not cause any side effects. There are plenty of things which can be used to make the skin more beautiful and flawless. One of the best natural things to make skin more beautiful is oatmeal as the face pack. Oatmeal has exfoliated properties, as well as detoxify the skin and open skin pores. (Also read: Ayurveda Skin Care: Best natural face masks for different skin types)


Healthy skin: Let’s how to use and make the oatmeal face pack.

  • Oatmeal-milk face pack
  • Coconut oil-oatmeal face pack
  • Yoghurt-oatmeal face pack
  • Almond oil-oatmeal face pack
  1. Oatmeal-milk face pack
    This face mask is also useful for nourishing the skin as well as making the skin beautiful.
    How to make
    To make a face pack add one spoon oatmeal and 4 spoon milk in a bowl. Apply this mixture on skin for 20 minutes. Then wash the face with light warm water.
  2. Coconut oil-oatmeal face pack

    Oatmeal face pack to flawless skin
    Healthy skin: Oatmeal and coconut face pack helps to get flawless skin

    It opens the skin pores and also beneficial to relieve the problem of blackheads. This face pack is also beneficial for balancing the pH of the skin.
    How to make
    Take 4 spoons coconut oil and 3 spoons oatmeal powder in a bowl.
    Mix a quarter cup of hot water into milk face pack. Apply this mixture on face for 30 minutes and then wash the face with light warm water. (Also read: How to reduce wrinkles using the coconut oil)

  3. Yoghurt-oatmeal face pack
    If your skin is oily, then you can use oatmeal-yoghurt face pack.
    How to make
    Take half a cup of cooked oatmeal in a bowl and mix two teaspoons yoghurt, two teaspoons of honey and one egg yolk. Make a paste of this mixture and apply on the face for 30 minutes. Then wash the face with light warm water.
  4. Almond oil-oatmeal face mask
    To improve the skin, you can use face pack made from almond oil and oatmeal.
    How to prepare
    Take hot water in a bowl and put the half cup of oatmeal in it and keep it for 2 minutes. Filter it and add one spoon of honey and one egg into the mixture. Mash with half a cup of ripe banana in it and one spoon almond oil. Apply this mixture on skin for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with light warm water.

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It always better to use natural products to enhance the health of the skin. There are some oatmeal face packs which help to get the flawless and glowing skin. You can also read this article in Hindi.   

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