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Healthy Nails: How to strengthen the nails with the help of garlic and lemon

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Healthy nails: Use lemon and garlic for healthy nails

People are often worried only about their skin and hair and take care of them. They adopt the apathetic attitude towards hands and nails, which makes their nails weak and they also become yellowish. If you want to get beautiful and strong, using garlic and lemon can be a better option for you. The nutrients present in garlic and lemon make your nails healthy, strong and beautiful. By taking care of the nail properly, your hands look beautiful too. Garlic and lemon reduce the yellowness of your nails and also makes them beautiful and attractive. (Also read: Olive oil for nails care: How does olive oil help to get rid of brittle nails)

Healthy Nails: How garlic and lemon make nails strong.

  • How to make
  • How to use
  • Benefits of garlic
  • benefits of lemon
  • Benefits of Vitamin-E
  1. How to make
    Take 2-3 garlic and make a paste. Now add some lemon drop and Vitamin-E oil capsules. Mix this mixture thoroughly and keep it for 15-20 minutes. After 20 minutes you mix nail polish well in it.
  2. How to use
    First, remove the nail paint.
    Now clean your nails.
    Apply this mixture on the nails with the help of a brush.
    Keep in mind that apply this mixture well on your entire nail.
    Leave this mixture for 3 days and leave it.
    Remove this mixture after 3 days.
    Repeat this process for a week, it will strengthen your nails.
  3. Benefits of Garlic for nails

    Garlic strengthen nails
    Healthy nails: There is vitamin C in the lemon that strengthens your nails.

    Garlic makes nails are strong due to the presence of minerals called selenium. Garlic contains a sufficient amount of minerals which make your nails stronger. Garlic also contains sulfur which protects the nails from being damaged and prevent fungus. (Also read: How to stop biting your nails easily)

  4. Benefits of lemon for nails
    Lemon contains Vitamin C which strengthens your nails. The lemon also contains a bleaching agent that protects the nails from being yellow and helps in making the beautiful.
  5. Benefits of Vitamin-E
    The oil present in the Vitamin-E capsule is the natural moisturizer which keeps the nails hydrated. It protects your nails from being dry and dull. Vitamin-E capsules contain antioxidants that protect the nails.

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It is beneficial to use garlic and lemon to get healthy and strong nails. This also removes the yellowness of your nails. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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