What Are The Hair Removal Myths You All Should Stop Believing

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What Are The Hair Removal Myths You All Should Stop Believing

These days hair removal has become an essential part of grooming. No matter you are a  man or a woman, you all have various methods to remove their body hair. From waxing, shaving to Lazor there are various ways for people to remove their hair. But, it is up to you which methods you choose for a long-lasting effect. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths people do believe which should be busted as soon as possible. These myths of hair removal make it hard for the people to choose the right way and get a healthy skin. So, we have come up with these myths and given have right facts below. Hope this helps! (Also Read: Amazing Body Hair Removal Methods For Men)

Myth 1: Bikini hair removal is hygienic:
Fact: Many women remove their pubic hair as they think that bikini hair is gross. But the fact is, pubic hair protects our vagina from soap interruption, dust and they help the good bacteria to glow more in the pubic area. If you remove pubic hair the vaginal skin will be more vulnerable to infections. But if your pubic hair bothers you a lot then you can trim them but do not remove them from the roots.

Myth 2: Laser hair removal is permanent:
Fact: Laser hair removal is very good and effective. But the fact is, it is not permanent. It may give you an assurance of a long time but not forever. You can experience growth of your hair again after some time and if you want you can do the laser method again. (Also Read: Remove Your Upper Lip Hair Naturally With Easy Methods)

Myth 3: Hair grows thicker after shaving with a razor:
Fact: Although it has been experienced by many people, this statement is wrong. The fact is your hair is thinner to its tips than the roots. The hair grows like this only. So, when you shave your hair, to the skin level, it appears thicker and blunt. But after some time you again notice that your blunt edges have become thinner.

Myth 4: Always wax your bikini area, but do not shave:
Fact: The fact is, neither the waxing is good for bikini area nor the shaving is good. The pubic hair is extremely thick to get completely plucked, even by wax. So, when you shave or wax your pubic hair, they mostly stay back in the follicle only. This lead to bumps, ingrown hair and makes your vaginal skin painful.

Myth 5: You can keep your razor in your bathroom:
Fact: Many of you store your razor in your shower or your bathroom. Never do this again. Keeping razors in the bathroom will lead to dusty rusts on the iron blades. Moreover, it may provoke nasty bacteria to come up more as the water evaporation can affect the iron. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Using Waxing Strips)

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