Hair loss: Which food products lead to sudden hair fall

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Foods unhealthy for hair, food that cause hair fall

Some food products lead to sudden hair fall and are extremely unhealthy for the body.

Hair fall is one of the most common problems among people. These days, every person is suffering from the problem of hair fall. No matter what the age is, due to excess pollution, dust, pollution, stress etc. lead to hair fall. Your eating habits, lifestyle, daily habits etc. impact your hair health. We often eat these food items and suffer from hair loss. They impact the overall health of the hair. We all must be well aware of the food items which are harming our hair health. Let’s discuss which food items lead to hair fall and damage hair health. (Also read: What are the major reasons of hair loss)

Which food products lead to hair loss and damage the hair health?

  • Selenium foods
  • Fried foods
  • Sugar-free foods
  • Refined foods
  • Caffeine

Selenium foods

Foods which cause hair fall
Hair loss: Selenium rich food products lead to sudden hair fall.

Selenium is a micro-mineral which when increases its level in the body releases selenosis in the body. It eventually makes the hair roots and hair follicles weak. It thus leads to rapid hair fall. Rice, bread etc. have selenium in them. We must not eat these foods. (Also read: Eight Superfoods To Prevent Hair Loss)

Fried foods
Monosaturated and saturated fats increase the level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone increases the level of DTH in the body and becomes the prime reason for hair fall. Thus, do not eat fried foods in excess.

Sugar-free foods
Sugar-free foods or zero calorie food have Aspartame chemical which leads to hair fall. Thus, we must never consume sugar-free food items. (Also read: Sweet tooth: How to get rid of the craving for sugar with simple tricks)

Refined foods
Refined foods like bread, cookies etc. increases the blood sugar level. As a result, the level of stress in the body also boosts. It thus leads to hair fall.


Which foods lead to hair fall
Hair fall: Extra caffeine consumption leads to sudden hair loss.

Stress is the prime reason for hair fall. Too much consumption of coffee disturbs our sleep pattern, causes fatigue and leads to stress. Eventually, it makes the hair weak and leads to hair fall.

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These are certain types of food products which leads to rapid hair fall. If you want to prevent your hair from falling. You can read this article in Hindi.

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