Hair gel side effect: What happens when you use excessive hair gel

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Things that happens when you use excessive hair gel

Side effects of using hair gel daily

The gels used for hair then give your hair a new look. But it is also quite harmful to your hair. Regular use of it can be expensive for you. The gels used for hair have the ingredients that stick to hair roots to make your hair very weak. Such gels contain Cationic Polymers, which work to keep the hair in a single state through the positive charge. They stretch your hair and keep your hair in the same position as you want. It makes you look beautiful and stylish but it also makes your hair weak, there are some side effects that you must know about. (Also read: What Are The Worst Mistakes Men Make With Hair Gel)

Side effects of hair gel

  • Dry and dehydrated hair
  • Hair fall
  • Problem of dandruff
  • Hair damage

Dry and dehydrated hair
The hair gels contain alcohol and corrosive chemicals that absorb the moisture of your hair and scalp and make it stiff and lifeless. Both of these chemicals absorb moisture from the hair and dehydrate it. This leads to dry hair. (Also read: Tips for Hair: Which tips help to reduce the hair problems)

Hair fall 

Side effects of hair gel: Hair gel’s usage can lead to hair fall

The chemical element present in the gel not only damages the hair externally but also internally. If you always use gels in hair, they also make hair rough. Apart from this, it also causes too much harm to hair cells. It has a very negative effect on the hair roots and you end up with hair fall. (Also read: Hair Mask for Soft Hair: How to make coconut milk and henna mask to get soft hair)

Problem of dandruff
Due to excessive use of gels, there is a problem of scalp infection and itching in the hair of the person, which can lead to problems like dandruff. This happens because the gels you apply make your roots and scalp remain frozen. Due to the problem of dandruff problem arise, as well as it causes problems like swelling in the scalp.  (Also read: Apply Mehndi on hair: Step by step guide to applying henna for the grey hair)

Hair damage
Elements of gels are responsible for the change in hair colour or premature greying, this element spoils the balance of the pH level of the person’s hair. Along with this, this also damages hair.

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So, it is important to refrain from excessive use of hair gel and keep it for special occasions only. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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