What Are The Hair Colouring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making now

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What Are The Hair Colouring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making now

Hair colouring is too trendy nowadays. Coloring hair trend will never fade as it transforms the look. These days, almost one-third of the population use hair colours. But unfortunately, they hardly colour their hair in a right way. In fact, you will all be shocked if you got to know about these hair colouring mistakes. That is why most of you complain that your hair becomes dull and rough after colouring. But the fact is, you are unaware of the mistakes you make every time while colouring your hair. Hence, have a look at the following and know about these mistakes to get a better hair colour along with lustrousness. (Also Read: How To Avoid Hair Damage From Ironing And Blow Drying)

Excessive bleaching the hair before applying colour:
It is true that you may not understand how much bleach they are going to use on your hair before applying colour. But, you can be a little conscious and ask your stylist to show you how much bleach they are using. This mostly happens when you going blond, golden, ash-blonde colour etc.

Applying dry shampoo before colouring the hair:
Many people do not wash hair before colouring. In fact, many people are frequent users of dry shampoos. But let us tell you clearly that, when you use dry shampoo on your hair, your hair becomes oily after 5-6 hours. So, always wash your hair with normal shampoo and wash it with water. Dry shampoo will not work for it. Moreover, dry shampoo applies a layer of creamy texture on your hair which restricts colours to get into your hair strands. (Also Read: What Are The Vegetables Help Your Hair Grow Instantly)

Relying on the hair colour of the catalogue:
When you choose the colour for your hair, you always rely on the colour shown in the catalogue. You can not rely on the colour clearly as these colours are just a demo. When these colours reach your hair, they may not come out with the exact texture and look. So, always research about the colour you actually want on your hair and then take your decision.

Not following the direction written on the box:
When you colour your hair at home, you hardly care about the directions written on the box. Not every colour brand have the same directions. You may use less or too much of activator which makes the cream release the colour. So, always follow the directions of use and then do it at home.

Not using colour protect shampoo after colouring:
Do you use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner? If not them your hair colour hardly last for 3-4 months. To make your colour last longer always use a good brand which helps your hair get the protein back and protect the colour too. (Also Read: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally)

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