Grey hair: How to darken grey hair with black tea

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You can darken your grey hair with black tea

Grey hair: Tea helps you darken grey hair.

Grey hair is a common problem among people. Many people suffer from premature hair grey. The hair grey problem mainly occurs due to unhealthy habits, poor lifestyle and due to pollution. The grey hair sometimes causes embarrassment and your appearance wired as well as lose sheen. To get rid of this problem and to darken grey hair, people use hair colour. Definitely, the hair colour darkens grey but also cause hair problems. The hair colour contains chemicals which negatively impact the hair and make dry as well dull. If you want to darken your grey hair without any side effect then black tea is beneficial for you. The black tea naturally darkens your hair and make your hair attractive. (Also read: Dry hair: How does black tea help to get rid of dull and damaged hair)

Grey hair: You can darken your grey hair with black tea.

  • Black Tea
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Black tea re-rinse
  • Black tea with herbs
  • Black tea and tulsi rinse
  1. Black Tea

    Darken your grey hair with black tea
    Grey hair: Black tea helps to darken grey hair.

    Black tea is a rich source of tannic acid, which effectively darkens your grey hair. For better results, brew a few cups of strong black tea. Now cool it down and apply it on hair. Then wash your hair after 30 minutes.

  2. Coffee and Tea
    It is well-known fact that ground coffee bean can temporarily stain your hair. But you can make is long lasting. To make it long lasting, boil three tea bags in three cups of water and now add three tablespoons of instant coffee mixture. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes. Once the mixture is cool down, apply it on hair and leave it for one hour. Then wash it with water. (Also read: What are the benefits of rubbing coffee on hair and skin)
  3.  Re-rinse with black tea
    For this make a strong black tea. Now rinse your hair with black tea and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Now repeat the black tea rinse for 2-3 times on your hair. This will effectively darken your grey hair.
  4. Black tea with herbs
    Boil seven tea bags with two rosemary leaves and two oregano leaves. Once the mixture is cooled then apply it on hairs. Let the mixture dry for 1-2 hours. Then wash off with normal water.
  5. Black tea and tulsi rinse
    Boil 5 tablespoons of black tea along with five leaves of Tulsi. Now and some drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on hair once it cools down. This will also help you to darken your grey hair.

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Grey hair is common problems and using colour to darken hair may be harmful. You can easily darken your grey hair with black tea. Moreover, black tea has no side effects. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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