Glycerin cream- Using homemade glycerin cream for softer hands

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homemade glycerin cream for softer hands

You can use homemade glycerin cream for softer hands

We use our hands a million times for millions of things. Due to this, our hands are exposed to a variety of things like dirt, dust, germs etc. Due to all this, the skin of hands turns really rough and dry. To fix this problem people buy expensive creams and lotions to retain the softness of their hands. For this purpose, there is an amazing and inexpensive option that is using the glycerin cream. You can easily make it at home and use it for your hands. (Also read: Natural Hair Removal: Removing Unwanted Hair With Rice Flour)

All you need to know about the glycerin cream for hands

Method to make glycerin cream at home


  • 2 spoons of rose water
  • 1 spoon coconut oil
  • 1 spoon almond oil
  • 1 spoon glycerin

Take one spoon of coconut and almond oil. Heat them up to blend them. Pour them into another bowl to cool them down. When this mixture is at the room temperature, then add rose water and glycerine to it. Make sure you blend it all well. Though, at the same time, there are certain ingredients you should never apply to your face. Click the link to know.
Helps to moisturize

homemade glycerin cream for softer hands
Homemade glycerin cream moisturizes your hands

When you use the glycerin cream regularly then it helps to moisturize your hands. The dryness of hands is a common problem in case of many people. So, if you’re dealing with the same you need to apply the glycerin cream. (Also read: Glycerin for skin: Amazing benefits of glycerin for skin)

Healing effect
The glycerin has many amazing qualities that help with the development of cells. So, if you have skin issues then glycerin is your safest bet. It prevents the growth of the infected tissue.

Prevents the skin from chemicals
The glycerin cream contains the coconut oil because of this the epidermal layer of the skin thickens. So, the chemicals can’t harm the skin and the skin of hand remain healthy.
Due to the hectic schedules, people have a hard time paying attention to their hand, so it best to use natural things for it. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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