Get thick and healthy hair: Golden rules to get thicker hair

Rules to get thick and healthy hair

Rules to get thick and healthy hair

It is not easy to keep hair healthy, because of the constant exposure to dust and dirt every day. Due to this, the beauty of the hair goes away. Dust, pollution damage your hair to roots, due to which it seems lifeless. Therefore it is important to take special care of the hair. So that they stay nourished and remain thick in every weather. To make hair healthy and thick, you have to follow some rules so that the hair remains perfectly healthy. So let’s talk about some rules that help to keep hair healthy and thick. (Also read: Benefits of hair oiling: What are the benefits of applying oil in hair)

Rules to get thick and healthy hair

  • Massage
  • Provide nutrition
  • Moisture
  • Protect your hair
  • Keep the hair hydrated

People seem to have a little faith in hair massage. However massaging the scalp reduces the stress and blood circulation is better, which helps in hair growth.  (Also read: Lemon for healthy hair: How to use lemon to make hair healthy and strong)

Provide nutrition
Whatever you eat affects your body, skin and hair. Therefore, you should consume vitamins and minerals rich foods that help make your hair thick and healthy. Consumption of vitamin B complex and a biotin supplement. It nourishes your scalp.

The way skin needs moisturizer, hair needs a moisturizer in the same way. This makes the hair soft and it does not seem lifeless. Therefore, keep the hair moisturized. It is an amazing way to keep the hair healthy. (Also read: Dandruff problem: Using mouthwash to fight the problem of dandruff)

Protect your hair
Using a chemical product harm your hair. Also, if you use a machine to style your hair, it also damages the hair. So, to protect the hair in every weather condition. You should cover your hair in the summer season and keep it away from dust and dirt.

Keep the hair hydrated
To ensure the hair is healthy and broken, deep conditioning is needed. Put the conditioner after washing the hair to keep the hair hydrated.

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To make the hair healthy and thick, it is important to follow some tips. Read this article in Hindi as well.

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