How to get rid from the dryness of face skin

get rid dryness face skin

Dryness on the skin of face makes it dull. Due to lack of moisture on the skin gets cracks and skin starts breaking down. Because of which wrinkles appear on the face making you look old. This problem increases in winter because the humidity level in the air falls, which also affects our skin. (Also read: How to prepare fruit facial at home)

Here are some ways which are effective in removing dryness from the face and also provide quick results.

Use of Milk Cleanser instead of Gel Cleanser:

The cleanser is used to clean dust or make-up from the face. But using a gel cleanser for the rustic skin can make the face more rigid. Instead, use the milk cleanser, which does not remove skin’s natural moisture and cleanses the face. (Also read: Five things men should know before shaving body)

Use of Face Oil

There is a layer of natural oil on our skin, which helps to protect it against the external pollution and the side effects of heat. But this layer becomes weak due to ultraviolet rays and increasing pollution. However, this layer can be strengthened by putting face oil on the face. Face oil contains essential fatty acids that make the cells healthy and moist.

Use of heavy moisturizer

Mild moisturizer for general skin is quite good. But whose face is already dry, they should use heavy moisturizers. Heavy moisturizer provides more moisture to the skin and prevents from fine lines and cracks.

Use of Aloe Vera mask once a week
get rid dryness face skin
Aloe Vera has natural moisture, which provides moisture to the skin of the face. Use this mask once a week, so that your skin will look young and healthy.

Consume more water

Dryness is often caused by dehydration, so drink more water during the day. By drinking water, both the body and the skin will stay hydrated so that the skin cells will become healthy. (Also read: Hot or cold water: Know which water is beneficial for hair)

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