How to get the perfect curls at home

How to get the perfect curls at home

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Nothing can beat a curly haired beauty. Curly hair gives you a carefree and breezy look. However, it is very difficult to get the right curly hair look without using any chemical or heat treatment. The chemical and heat treatment can be extremely harmful to the hair and destroy the natural look. Therefore, it is important to know how to get the curly hair look without using chemical or heat hair treatment. Simple home treatments can completely transform your hair in the most wonderful way to the perfect curls. Let’s find out what are these natural ways. (Also read: How often should you shampoo your hair)

Pin-Up Curls
It is an age-old beauty treatment to get the perfect curls. It is an overnight treatment.

What to do?
First, wash the hair properly. Then, detangle your hair, while you are conditioning them. Towel dry your hair, apply the hair gel. Start making the hair loops out of your hair, and secure it with pins. Just leave it for the night, and wake up with perfect curls.

Hair Braids
If you are looking for a chance to get the beach wavy curls, then the best possible option is to opt for braiding. (Also read: How to turn a bad hair day into a good one)

What to do?
Firstly, you need to wash your hair and let them dry naturally. However, the key is to not let your hair get dry completely, but make sure they are slightly wet. Then make as many braids as you like. Keep them till your hair is completely dry.

Twist buns
This method is similar to the hair braid method, the only major difference is that instead of braid, you make hair buns.

What to do?
Dampen your hair or wash them then leave them to dry partially. Then part your hair in two even parts, and twist them, till they acquire a rope-like form. Secure the hair in a bun like manner using hair pins and let it dry completely.


A simple and easy routine to get the gentle curls.

What to do?

Simply wash your hair, comb them using your fingers. Take a cotton shirt, use it to wrap your hair in its natural way. Sleep while using it as a headgear, wake up with naturally wavy and curly hair. (Also read: How reverse hair washing helps you to get soft and bouncy hair)

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