How to get a better skin complexion in just few days

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How to get a better skin complexion in just few days

Every person wants to have a fair and flawless skin. However, many people have the problem of pimples, pigmentation, acne, dark spots on the face. Thus, they use a lot of beauty products to have a younger looking flawless skin. Face wash, face scrub, face cream, serum, face tint etc. are some of the products people include in their day to day skin routine, to have the best glowing and fairer skin. However, excess usage of these products is not at all healthy for your skin. Your face is your identity and you should take care of it more than anything else. Your skin’s flawlessness describes a lot about your skin routine. So, pamper it a little more by following the below-mentioned beauty regimen. (Also read: What are the various do’s and don’ts to have a beautiful natural skin)

Massage on the skin
By massaging the skin daily, the blood circulation improves in the body. It eventually lightens your dark complexion. You can even get rid of the skin related problems by doing so. In order to massage your skin, mix 2 tsp. of olive oil and one tsp. of honey. Mix the solution and massage into your skin for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off your face with plain water afterwards.

Apply some rose water to your face for a week. It keeps your face fresh and removes the dust from the face completely. It even prohibits the onset of pigmentation on your face. So, apply some rose water daily on your face after washing with plain water. (Also read: What are the makeup blunders that make your wrinkles more prominent)

Take your beauty sleep
You must increase your sleeping time. Keep your mobile phone at a distance so that you can sleep better. If you are unable to sleep sufficiently then it leads to the problem of dark circles and eventually affects the complexion of your skin. Thus, a normal human being should sleep for at least 8 hours each day.

If you want a good and glowing skin, you need to have proper blood circulation. Thus, you should do some exercises. You can either for a walk in the morning or can go for jogging. Besides this, you can also join a gym and involve in some kind of physical workout. Your skin will eventually shine brighter.

Start intaking more fluids
If you want a light skin tone and that too super soon, you must drink more fluids. It helps to remove the toxins from the body and make your skin shone brighter. Thus, drink green tea and eat healthy. It is rich in anti-oxidants that helps to open up the blood vessels of the skin. (Also read: How to remove puffiness or swelling from the face naturally)

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