Foods To Avoid: Some foods one must avoid to stay younger for a long time

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Which foods make you look old

Harmful foods for skin: Some foods are worst for the health of the skin and make you look aged.

Foods To Avoid: These days people stay so much busy in their daily life that they get no time to devote to their skin and health. As the people are unable to devote time to their diet and skin. Whatever you eat affect your skin too. Taking a healthy diet keeps the blood vessels and skin cells healthy. Each part of the body gets an adequate amount of oxygen as well as blood. It thus helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing. If you want to stay younger for a longer time then you should be careful about what you eat. Let’s discuss which food items one must avoid for staying younger for a longer time. (Also read: Younger Looking Skincare Tips: Makeup and skincare routine to get younger skin)

Foods to avoid: Which food items should be avoided to stay young for a long time?

  • Sugar-rich food items
  • French fries
  • Baked foods
  • Alcohol
  • Carbohydrates-rich food

Sugar-rich food items

Which foods one must avoid to look younger
One must avoid eating sugar in an excess amount to make your skin look younger for longer.

Consuming sugar in ab excess amount damages the collage of the skin. iT even affects the elasticity of the skin. It makes the skin loose and also makes you look old.

French fries
Deep fried foods like french fries, chips etc. must be avoided to escape the signs of ageing. All these food items are fried in oil at a high temperature. This makes them full of free radicals and trans fat. It also leads to a heart problem and skin damage. (Also read: Healthy skin: Things to do to look younger in the morning)

Baked foods
Pastry, cake, cookies etc. are baked foods. Excess consumption of these foods leads to turning the skin old. These foods increase inflammation in the body and harm the skin. Thus, one should consume them in moderation.


Which foods make you look older
Too much alcohol harm the skin and make you look older.

Too much consumption of alcohol makes the person dehydrated. It eventually leads to wrinkles and loosening of the skin. Alcohol harms the elasticity of the skin.

Carbohydrates-rich food
Too much consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods impacts the collagen and fibre of the skin. It leads to a person looks old.

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If you want to stay younger for a longer time then you must avoid eating food items. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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