How to fix your messed up eyeliner in quick and easy ways

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How to fix your eyeliner

A woman’s most beautiful feature is her eyes. Thus, women never fail to bring out the beauty of their eyes by using makeup. One of these ways is to use a eyeliner to enhance the look of your eyes. However, sometimes, if you are not careful then you end up applying the eyeliner wrong or smudging it. During such times, you must not worry, as there are ways in which you can salvage the eyeliner look! So, without further ado, let’s find out the ways to save your eyeliner look. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of dry brushing your skin)

Use the concealer
If you have applied a liquid eyeliner, then you run a bigger risk of smudged eyeliner. Even when you try to clean it, it leaves the black marks everywhere. The best way to avoid this problem is to apply the concealer on the area. Simply apply the concealer on the affected area and blend it

Use makeup remover
If your eyeliner is spoiled then the best way to fix the problem is to use the makeup remover. It is an easy and swift way. (Also read: How to use pumpkin face packs for a glowing skin)

Let eyeliner dry
Many women start to wipe the eyeliner instantly when it spoiled. It leads to further smudging eyeliner. So, let the eyeliner dry first for a minute then remove it. It will be easier then.

To avoid mistakes apply thin eyeliner
If you like to apply winged eyeliner or thick eyeliner then you must start with a thin layer. Once you are done with that then move further and apply it carefully.

Change the spoiled eyeliner to smokey eye makeup
If your winged eyeliner is spoiled then you can be little creative and turn the situation around. Simply use the spoiled eyeliner as a base to create smoky eye look. Apply a dark shade of eyeshadow and it is done. (Also read: How to get instant fairness and glow)

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