Five things men should know before shaving body

five things men should know before shaving body

Not only women but these days men also concerned about removing their unwanted hairs. Shaving is the most common way to temporarily remove unwanted leg hair. The majority of men do not completely clean shave their legs but use a trimmer to cut hairs down. There is a lot of things you must know before shaving body. There many pros and cons of shaving as shaving can cause irritation for some people. (Also read: What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair)

Why men shave their body?

The majority men shave their legs, arms and chest to show more definition in the fitness world. Now, men do not feel shy to shave their body.

Here are things you keep in mind before shaving your legs

Shave in night

Majority of men people do not care about the time while shaving their body. Instead of shaving body in the morning, shave your body in the night. If you shave your body at night leaves them smoother because your body swells up naturally, making the strands retreat back to their follicles. (Also read: What should men do to look more attractive)

Choose right razor

Opting for the right razor is crucial for shaving body. Using multi-blade razor reduces the chances of cuts. If you are using disposable razors. If the blades on razor look dull replace it quickly.

Shave with the grain

The majority of men shave against the direction of the hair. Shaving against the direction of hair is wrong. Instead of shaving against the direction of the hair, first shave downwards and only then shave upwards to remove all unwanted hairs temporarily.

Be careful with your ankles, back of your knees

There are a lot of twists and turns on your legs. These twist and turn are sensitive to cuts. Bend the knees to pull the skin while shaving.

You can go for pre-trimming

If shaving is quite a tough task for, then you can opt for pre-trimming. Trim the length of hair first from the chest as well legs. Then strike with a razor. (Also read: How To Get Smooth and Shiny Legs At Home)

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