Eye makeup tips: The right way to apply the eye shadow perfectly

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Pight way to apply the eye shadow perfectly

Applying eye shadow step by step

Everyone likes to do the eye makeup, but it is not possible for everyone to come up with a good and perfect make-up. Eye makeup is a little harder and the most difficult thing in it to do is applying the eyeshadow. Most women complain that it often they end up with uneven and blotchy eyeshadow. This spoils the whole look of the makeup. So, it is important to know the right way to apply and eyeshadow. If you can master that, nothing can stop you from getting a glamorous look. (Also read: How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye Look With Some Simple Steps)

Applying eyeshadow step by step

  • Create a base
  • Pick the right colour of the eyeshadow
  • Highlight them
  • Shimmer
  • Clean the eyeshadow brush

Create a base
To apply the eyeshadow in the right way it is necessary to first create the right base. When you create the right base on the eyelids, your eyeshadow does not spread. You can get an eyeshadow primer from the market for this. You can your foundation as well. Just blend it well. (Also read: Seven biggest eyeliner mistakes you are probably making)

Pick the right colour of the eyeshadow
If you do not choose the right colour of the eyeshadow, then it can spoil your eye makeup completely. So if you want to use eyeshadow then it is important that you use the right colour. For example, for blue eyes, the eyeshadow should be blue, bronze, or light brown. (Also read: Eye make up tips: How to use eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful)

Highlight them
Once you have applied the eyeshadow, you need to apply the highlighter. Use a lighter shade of eyeshadow to highlight. You can highlight the brow bone and corner of the eyes.  (Also read: How to fix your messed up eyeliner in quick and easy ways)

The shimmer is an amazing way to give your eye makeup a stunning look. However, you have to be careful when you are using it. The trick is to already have an idea of what look you want instead of randomly applying it.  (Also read: How to get thicker and longer eyelashes naturally)

Clean the eyeshadow brush

How to apply eye shadow at home
Clean the brushes to apply the eye shadow right

It is important to keep your eyeshadow brush clean. This will help you to apply the eyeshadow in the right way.

So, get ready to apply the eyeshadow in the perfect way. Click the link to read this in Hindi.

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