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Eye makeup: Which makeup rules you should follow while wearing contact lenses

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Rules to prevent eye irritation

Eye makeups: Rules you should follow if you wear contact lenses

Eyes are very critical and delicate organ of the body. The needs extra care as a small mistake can be harmful to your eyes. The eyes play the key role in the beauty of women. They apply makeup to make eyes more beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, the women who wear contact lens do not apply any makeup to eyes. They avoid eye make up because women think that the eye make up may ruin the health of their eyes and destroy the contact lens. If you are wearing contact lenses and want to apply eye make up then there are some tips. These tips allow you to apply eye make while wearing contact lenses. (Also read: Healthy eyes: How to protect eyes from the sun)

Eye makeup: Makeup rules to follow if you wear contact lenses.

  • Stay away from oil based makeup
  • Opt for daily lenses
  • Wear your lenses before applying makeup
  • Use the eyeliner trick
  • Choose the mascara wisely
  1. Stay away from oil based makeup

    Avoid oil based makeup
    Eye make: Avoid oil-based makeup if you are wearing contact lenses

    Always use oil free make like oil-free foundation, eyeshadow and a smudge-free kohl pencil or eyeliner. The beauty products with oil may spread in your eyes and cause irritation for the lenses. Moreover, always apply makeup with the clean hand as dirt hand can irritate your eyes. (Also read: Under eye bags: How to get rid of puffy eyes with the help of oils)

  2. Opt for daily lenses
    It is better to opt for daily lenses. As you won’t able to re-wear lenses after applying makeup. The re-wear of lenses after make up may be harmful. Therefore, always opt for daily lenses to prevent infection and other eye-related problems.
  3. Wear your lenses before applying makeup
    Many women wear contact lenses after makeup which may smudge eye makeup. Instead of wear contact lens after makeup, wear contact lenses before eye-make.
  4. Use the eyeliner trick
    If you wearing eye lenses then don’t apply eye lines between the eyelashes and water line. For better makeup apply eyeliner on the portion of lashes which is away from your eyes.
  5. Choose the mascara wisely
    Always choose water-based mascara and apply the single coat of mascara. The particles of fibre-based mascara may fall in eyes and cause irritation.

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There are eye-make rules for women, who wear contact lenses. These rules prevent eye irritation and other eye-related problems. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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