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Eye make up tips: How to use eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful

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how to make eyes look bigger and beautiful

Eye makeup tips to get bigger and beautiful eyes

Not everyone has big and beautiful eyes. Everyone’s eyes are of different size. Beautiful and big eyes make you more beautiful and everyone wants to have such eyes. Many times people do makeup so that their eyes look beautiful. But eye makeup is a bit tricky and its technique is slightly different. If you do makeup incorrectly then your eyes can look ugly. Moreover, an excessive use of eyeliner and eyeshadow make the appearance of eyes bad. Apart from this, more eye-make-up creates a dull look and make them appear small. If you want big and beautiful eyes then you need to take care of eyes and makeup. (Also read: How to fix your messed up eyeliner in quick and easy ways)

Eye make up tips: Let’s know some simple ways with which the eyes can look great

  • Give right shape to the eyebrow
  • Find natural colour eyeshadow
  • Curl your eyelashes

Give right shape to the eyebrow:

Eye makeup tips to get beautiful eyes
Eyebrow shape can improve the beauty of your eye makeup

Eyes also look beautiful due to right shape of your eyebrows. So keep the shape of your eyebrow correct and remove excess hair. Bold, and thick eyebrows make your eyes attractive. If you try to remove excess hair from your eyebrows then it looks weird and makes your face unattractive. Keep it natural so your eyebrows look beautiful. There are few mistakes that can happen when you are trying to shape your eyebrows. Click the link to know.

Remove the swelling under the eyes: Due to the inflammation of the eyes, the eyes look small.

What to do to avoid this problem?

  • Have adequate sleep.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Practice exercise.
  • Reduce salt intake. (Also read: How to get thicker and longer eyelashes naturally)
  • Keep cucumber on the eyes. Cucumber contains vitamin-C and caffeic acid which reduces inflammation of eyes and provides relief to the eyes.

Find natural colour eyeshadow:

Use natural and light eyeshadow. Light coloured eyeshadow raises your eyelid. To do this, take some products on the brush and dab it. Then place it at the centre of the eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger.

Curl your eyelashes:

Eye makeup tips to get beautiful eyes
Curling your eyelashes can make your eyes look pretty

Curly eyelashes make your eyes beautiful and big. By using the curler, you will see a big difference in your eyes because your eyelashes look big and dense. Take the eyelashes curler to the roots and then press it.

Some more tips:

  • Ignore the black and grey colours for the eyes.
  • Do not apply excess eyeliner because it makes your eyes look smaller.
  • Use mascara because the eyelashes look great and the eyes also look bigger and beautiful.
  • False lashes can also be used. (Also read: How rice water can reduce the problem of acne)

This will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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