Eye Cream: Important do’s and don’ts of using an eye cream

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One must follow the right tips while applying the eye cream.

Eye Cream: We all are well aware that the skin under and around the eyes is quite sensitive. Thus, it needs extra care. If you do not pay attention to the skin around your eyes, then the signs of ageing will start appearing soon. Thus, one must use the eye cream properly. But one must remain careful while applying the eye cream. It can only work wonders when it is used in the right manner. Therefore, if you are applying eye cream daily, you must follow the process. Let’s discuss various do’s and don’ts of applying eye cream. (Also read: Which mistakes you could be making with your eye cream)

Eye cream: What are the various do’s and don’ts of using an eye cream?

  • What to do while applying the eye cream
  • What not to do while applying the eye cream

What to do while applying the eye cream

Give some time
DO not apply the concealer right after applying the eye cream. Give it some time so that the skin soaks it in a better way. So, wait for at least 5 minutes for the skin to soak the eye cream.

Use it on eyelashes and eyebrows
One must apply the eye cream on the eyelashes and eyebrow bone too. This prevents the possibility of wrinkles. It also prevents the onset of dark circles.

Massage gently

What are the tips to apply eye cream perfectly
Eye cream: Gently massage your eyes and the skin around eyes well after applying eye cream.

It is not just enough to apply the eye cream and leave it. One must gently massage the eyes and the skin around the eyes to settle the cream.

What not to do while applying the eye cream?

Don’t stretch your skin
We often make this mistake of over rubbing the skin and stretching it. This leads to wrinkles around the eyes. So, while applying any kind of cream you must avoid stretching the skin.

Overusing the product
Overusing any product results in a negative sense instead of doing any good to the body. Thus, use only a drop of eye cream and massage it well around the eyes.

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These are certain things which you must take care of while applying the eye cream. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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