What Are The Essential Things Every Man Should Know About Moisturisers

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What Are The Essential Things Every Man Should Know About Moisturisers

Men hardly care about their skin. In fact, the stereotypical thinking suggests skincare is all a girly affair. But, if you are still believing this, and not taking care of your skin, we should say, get out of your shell and follow the trend. Nowadays men are quite conscious about their looks and especially their skin. When we talk about skincare, the first thing comes to our mind is using moisturiser. Hence, all you men over there, we are here to let you know some simple facts about moisturisers. You all should know about these facts. So, have a look. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Stop Premature Greying of hair)

Your moisturiser should match your skin type:
Do you know which skin type you have? If you know then go for the right moisturiser which will protect your skin thoroughly. In fact, you do not even have to use women moisturiser as there are a lot of brands available in the market which make men specific moisturisers. So, be wise and buy a moisturiser which will suit you.

Use moisturizer at night too:
Do not think that you should apply moisturisers only during the daytime. You should use it at night too. During the night time, our body uses a lot of water to fix many of our body functions. That is why your skin becomes dry and needs moisturiser. (Also Read: What Are The Effective Hair Care Tips For Men In Winter)

Nothing can protect your skin better than a moisturiser:
Moisturiser protects your skin from harsh pollution, UV rays of the Sun and dirt. When your skin loses its moisture, the dirt and harmful particles can break through your skin and make it weak and lifeless. But if you apply a moisturiser before leaving your house, your skin will be protected thoroughly.

Use a moisturiser after shaving:
Men, if you think that applying an aftershave can protect your skin for all day, you are wrong. Aftershaves are an antiseptic liquid which protects your skin from any infection on the skin. But when you do shaving your natural moisture goes away and make your skin dry. That is why always use a moisturiser which makes your skin normal immediately.

Do not forget to buy a moisturiser which has SPF:
These days almost every moisturiser contains SPF. If your moisturiser already has SPF, you do not need to buy a sunscreen separately. Moreover, sunscreens are mostly oily which can promote more sweating. So, buy a moisturiser which has SPF 25-50. (Also Read: How Men Can Remove Blackheads From Their face)

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