What are the easy makeup tricks to make your face look thinner

What are the easy makeup tricks to make your face look thinner

Most of the women love doing makeup on their face. It is very effective and helps us to look beautiful. There is another level of confidence which women get after applying makeup. The markets are flooded with a lot of makeup products which enhance the overall beauty of the face. However, there are some ladies who often face the problem of chubby cheeks. Though chubby cheeks look cute, it hampers the bold look that women want to get. However, there are some easy makeup tricks which help to make the face look thinner and attractive. Besides this, using this trick helps to enhance the features of the face and even highlight the jawline properly. Thus, here is the ultimate makeup guide to have a thin face look. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of using facial wipes)

What are the easy makeup tricks to make your face look thinner?

Apply a bronzer: Bronzer helps in contouring which automatically highlights the features making the cheeks look toned up. Make sure you always use a dark shade of the bronzer. The shade should be a slightly darker than your real complexion. Apply it on the cheeks bones, forehead edges, temples, nose. The trick is always to apply the bronzer upwards, from cheeks to the top of your ears. Also, blend the product completely with the skin to give it a natural look.

Apply a light shade highlighter: One must use a light shade of highlighter to uplift the face and the features properly. The trick is to apply the highlighter on the cheeks, forehead and nose. Make sure you blend the product to have an even look. (Also read: How is green tea useful in preventing hair loss)

Highlight your eyes more: Eyes catch the attention of the people much faster. One should highlight them more in order to grab the attention So, apply eyeliner and Kajal in the right proportion. Use a dark shade eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. You should also apply mascara to enhance your eyelashes.

Define your eyebrows: Sharp and well-defined eyebrows help to give a proper shape to the face. It also helps to make the face look longer than the usual. Thus, one must apply the eyebrow pencil. Avoid using a black colour and go for a natural brown or dark brown, the shade that matches your complexion.

Use a light shade light colour: We all love bold and fuller lips. But dark shades of lip colour, make the face look broader and fluffy. Thus, make sure you use a light shade of lip colour. (Also read: What are the worst shower mistakes that damage the skin)

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