Dry skin: Which habits turn your skin dry and dull

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some daily habits turn the skin dry

Daily habits which turn your skin dry.

Dry skin: Every person has a different type of skin. Oily, dry, combination and normal skin are some of the types of skin. Too much dryness on the skin is one of the leading causes of skin-related problems. Dryness of skin is due to some of our daily habits too. We can get rid of dryness of skin with the help of moisturiser. But it is not a permanent solution to get rid of dry skin. Using excess chemical products spoil the overall health of the skin. Let’s discuss which habits lead to excessive dryness on the skin. (Also read: Fairness Tips For The Dull And Dry Skin)

Dry skin: Which daily habits turn our skin dry and dull?

  • Bathing with hot water
  • Using anti-ageing cream
  • Excessive usage of soap
  • Shortage of water in the body
  • Excessive skin scrubbing

Bathing with hot water
Some people are in the habit of bathing with excessively hot water. Taking hot water bath is harmful to the body. It snatches off the moisture from the body and turns the skin dry. Thus, bath with lukewarm water.

Using anti-ageing cream

Some of our daily habits cause the dryness of skin
Dry skin: Applying anti-ageing cream turns the skin dry and dull.

Anti-ageing cream contains retinol which helps to reduce wrinkles from the skin. Excess usage of anti-ageing cream leads to dryness of skin. (Also read: Glycerin for skin: Amazing benefits of using glycerin on dry skin)

Excessive usage of soap
Excess use of soap on the face leads to dryness of skin. It snatches off the natural moisturiser of the skin. This is why we should not use soap on our face. Try to use shower gel on the body to avoid skin dryness. (Also read: How to have the perfect base makeup for dry skin)

Shortage of water in the body
The deficiency of water and fluid in the body turn the skin dry. It even harms the blood vessels. Thus, to keep the blood vessels well-hydrated, one must keep the body well-hydrated. Drink an adequate amount of water.

Excessive skin scrubbing
Excessive scrubbing on the skin, too much washing etc. snatch the natural moisture from the skin and make it dry. Many people have the habit of rubbing and scrubbing the skin rapidly. Thus, don’t forget to moisturise your skin after scrubbing.

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These are some of the daily habits which turn your skin dry and dull. Try to avoid doing these things and get rid of dry skin. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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