Dry Lips: Which mistakes turn your lips dry

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We all make some mistakes which turn our lips dry and dark.

Dry Lips: Pink lips not only make your smile beautiful but also improves the overall look of the face. Dry and chapped lips might make you worried a lot. Therefore, most of the people use beauty products to keep their lips soft and well-hydrated. But do you know, the things which are using to hydrate your lips might harm your lips and turn them dry? Drying of lips suggests that you are not drinking water in an adequate amount. Ignoring lip care, not taking a healthy diet and using wrong beauty products might also be the reason for dry lips. Let’s discuss which mistakes turn your lips dry? (Also read: How to make a lip scrub at home to get softer lips)

Dry Lips Mistakes: Which mistakes are making your lips dry?

  • Rubbing tongue on the lips
  • Excess use of lipstick
  • Using wrong lip balm
  • Hot shower
  • Not using sun protection

Rubbing tongue on the lips
Most of the people have the habit of constantly rubbing their tongue over their lips. This helps to temporarily hydrate the lips. But this mistake turns the lips dry. There are certain enzymes in saliva which harm the lips. Thus, apply moisturiser based lip balm.

Excess use of lipstick

Things which make the lips dry
In order to prevent lip dryness, use the lipstick properly.

If you apply a dark coloured lipstick but do not protect your lips by applying the lip balm before the lipstick, then this is a major mistake. This mistake is turning your lips dry. The chemicals in the lipstick harm your lips, Thus, apply some moisturising lip balm on your lips.

Using wrong lip balm
In order to provide proper nourishment to the lips, it is essential to apply a lip balm. If you are using such a lip balm which contains drying agent or artificial fragrance, then it will turn your lips dry. Thus, to keep your lips well-hydrated, use shea butter, cocoa butter rich moisturising lip balm.

Hot shower

Which mistakes make your lips dry
Excess hot shower leads to turning of lips dry.

In order to get rid of the fatigue and to relax, people take a hot shower. But this practice is turning your lips dry. Hot shower snatches away the protective oils from the lips and makes them dry. Thus, take a lukewarm water bath.

Not using sun protection
Your lips require the protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. Thus, apply a suncare protection not only on the face but on your lips too.

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These are some of the most common mistakes which turn the lips dry. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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