Dry dates(Chuara): How are dry dates beneficial for hair and skin

beauty benefits of dry dates for hair and skin

Dry dates helps to get flawless skin and healthy as well as soft hair.

Dry dates(Chuara): Dry dates are extremely beneficial for your health. They not only help your body but your skin and hair too. As dry dates contain nutrients in high amount, they are extremely good for our health. Apply dry dates on your skin and to your hair, help to improve their health. They are a rich source of iron, calcium, antioxidants etc. which make it great for the health of skin and the hair. The best part is applying dry dates or Chuara to the skin and hair has no side effects. It is completely free from chemicals. Thus, one must try out dry dates in order to get flawless skin and strong hair. One can either apply dry dates face pack or consume them regularly. (Also read: Dry dates: What are the benefits of eating dry dates or chuara)

Dry dates(Chuara): What are the benefits of dry dates on skin and hair?

Benefits of applying dry dates on skin

  1. Repair skin cells

    benefits of dry dates for skin and hair
    Dry dates help to keep the skin healthy and glowing by repairing the damaged skin cells.

    Dry dates or Chuara contain vitamin B5(pantothenic acid). It helps in binding the free radicals and repair the damaged skin cells. Thus, dates are extremely good for skin.

  2. Provides healthy skin
    Dry dates are extremely good when it becomes to make the skin healthy. Because of its nutritional value, it helps to keep the skin glowing, fresh and eliminate dryness. (Also read: Amazing diet plan to get glowing and flawless skin)
  3. Fights signs of ageing
    Dry dates contain antioxidants which help to bind the free radicals. It fights the signs of ageing and hides wrinkles and fine lines from the face. It thus gives you a natural younger looking skin. (Also read: Premature ageing: Eating habits that make you age faster)

Benefits of applying dry dates on hair

  1. Nourishes the hair and scalp

    benefits of dry dates for skin and hair
    Dry dates help to nourish the hair and the scalp to make them healthy.

    Those who complain of hair fall, hair thinning or dry hair must try out dry dates. They help to nourish the hair and the roots so much so that your hair tends to become strong. (Also read: Effective home remedies to get rid of the itchy scalp)

  2. Maintains the hair health
    The presence of essential vitamins and minerals in dry dates, it is extremely healthy for hair. It prevents the possibility of split ends, brittle hair, thin hair etc. Thus, one must eat dry dates daily to get healthy hair and scalp.

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These are some of the benefits of dry dates or Chuara for skin and hair. You must consume it regularly to see the effective results. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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