Double chin: Which tricks helps to hide double chin

Tricks to hide double chin

Double chin: Ways to hide double chin ( Photo credit:

Every individual wants to look attractive and charming. In this regard, people apply makeup especially women and use many beauty products. Unfortunately, the physical problems like double chin ruin your all efforts and make you look weird. If your double chin is also causing the problem then there some tricks. If you don’t want to put a lot of efforts to hide your double chin then there are some amazing and easy tips which help you to hide double chin and enhance your appearance. These tips are easy to follow. (Also read: Easy Exercises To Reduce Double Chin Quickly)

Double chin: Amazing tricks to hide the double chin.

  • Dress smart
  • Hairstyle matters
  • Get Cheeky
  • Lips do lie
  • Define your jawline
  1. Dress smart

    Double chin can be hide with good dress up
    Double chin: Good dressing hide your double chin.

    Your outfit creates a lot impact on the double chin. The good dress avoids attention towards your double chin. Make people notice to your neckline, collarbones and even throat. (Also read: Neck fat: How to lose fat from the neck naturally)

  2. Hairstyle matters
    Make a hairstyle which doesn’t make hair to fall close to your chin or double chin. The hair hanging down your neck move attention towards to the double chin. The high ponytail and bob cut hair are beneficial to hide the double chin.
  3. Get Cheeky
    To hide the double chin, apply makeup which highlights your cheeks and eyes. For cheeks use a subtle blusher to enhance the areas, the attractive cheeks and eyes drawing attention, divert the focus from the double chin.
  4. Lips do lie
    The colour of lips makes a huge difference in your appearance. To hide the double chin, apply bold lipstick like dark red or dark brown. You can also use shiny lip gloss.
  5. Define your jawline
    Defining jawline is another trick to hide the double chin. To define jawline use a bronzer brush across the jawline. If you are of fair complexion then opt for rose toned bronzer.

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If you are facing problem due to double chin. Then there are some easy and simple tricks, which helps to hide the double chin.

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