Does shaving head helps in hair growth?

Does shaving head helps in hair growth?


All Indian have definitely shaved their hair once in a lifetime, especially during childhood. The explanation every kid got from their parents was, shaving hair can bring better hair growth and density. But does it actually work? Can shaving head increase the hair growth? Let us know about it.

What is the truth?
If you are looking for more hair growth and that is why shaving your hair and going bald, your effort might go in vain. The growth of the hair mainly determines on your genetics. Shaving has no relevance with the hair growth. The diameter of hair follicles can not be increased by shaving. When the hair grows after shaving, it comes from the same follicles of the brain. The hair pores or follicles are present deep inside the scalp skin. So, it is clear that shaving can not reach to the deep root of the follicle. After 12 hours only, the hair starts appearing from the follicle. In a nutshell, going bald is not helpful for hair growth or healthy hair. (Also Read : Rice water helps you to get flawless skin and gorgeous hair)

Shaving will not increase the diameter of hair follicles and grow back the hair you have lost. Your hair follicles are deep inside the skin and shaving your head does not affect the hair follicles in any way.

What shaving actually does?
It is only an illusion, the fact is, after shaving the hair the short hair shaft becomes more noticeable since it has a blunt tip due to shaving. This makes the hair look thicker and voluminous. But in the reality, the hair does not get thicker at all. Moreover, due to shaving, the new hair growth happens better without damage. When new hair growth happens, the new hair automatically comes as virgin. That means the new hair is away from chemical treatments or regular day to day wear and tear. That is why the appearance of new hair looks amazing and healthy.

Moreover, regular hair trimming or cutting chop off all the split ends and damaged parts. But apart from that, if somebody is having dandruff on their scalp then shaving hair is a great move. It even makes sense to go bald. The clean scalp is better to remove dandruff from the core.

Note: If your hair growth is not visible or you are having problems with hair thickness and volume, please consult a dermatologist or dietitian who can help you to diagnose your problems. You might get hair problems because of your diet and bad habits. Hence, going bald is not the solution. The genetics can not be changed.  (Also Read: Important tips to remove razor burns)

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