Which cosmetic products are harmful to your skin

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cosmetic products harmful skin

Everyone desires for the healthy and flawless skin. The majority of women use cosmetic products to enhance the beauty but they may be harmful. Women think cosmetic products can enhance their beauty without any side effects. Moreover, cosmetic products make many changes to your look. But using them in an excessive manner can be harmful to your skin. Cosmetic products contain harmful synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Applying excessive cosmetic products restrict the flow of oxygen to the skin. Due to an inadequate amount of oxygen, the harmful bacteria accumulate on the skin and cause problems. (Also read:How face masks made of pomegranate are beneficial for skin)

Let’s know about cosmetic products that can be harmful to the skin.

Lipstick removes the moisture from lips. It is better to use lip balm instead of lipstick. If you want good colour on the lips then use lip balm before using lipstick. Some lipsticks contain oils and chemicals that reduce the beauty of the lips. Due to the mineral oil found in the lipstick, they close the pores of the skin, which inhibits the growth of skin cells.

Good moisturizers protect skin from sun’s rays and protect them from harmful effects of pollution. Moisturizers contain mineral oil and paraffin that damage the skin by reducing natural moisture. By using them daily, the body starts absorbing these harmful synthetic chemicals. This has an impact on the health of the skin. (Also read: Which bedtime skin care tips provide results in a week)

Kajal is used to enhance the beauty of the eyes. There are many effects on the eyes due to kajal. Therefore, avoid any kind of eye makeup that is used on the waterline of eyes.

Nail polish
People use shimmer on nails to make them beautiful. Due to these, both nails and skin are damaged. Due to dark colour nail polish, the nails start to turn yellow. Nail polish contains acetone which weakens the nails.

Waxing is done to remove hair from the body. But due to this, many people have the problem of bleeding and red scars. The skin of the face is very soft, due to waxing, the skin becomes dull and there is also a lot of pain. (Also read: Which natural products may be harmful to your skin and why)

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