4 common mistakes that are making your hair greasy

mistakes that are making your hair greasy

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Nothing ruins a person’s look more than greasy and oily hair. It makes your hair wash routine miserable and tedious. Even with all the efforts it almost impossible to achieve that perfect hair look. For getting rid of the greasy hair, it is important to understand the causes of the same. The term greasy hair is used for the hair that has visible natural oil in them.To keep the scalp natural healthy, hydrated and moisturized, our scalp constantly produces natural oil. However, due to excessive production of natural oil, the hair strands start sticking to each other, making the hair look sticky and greasy.  [Also read: How is papaya beneficial for skin and hair]

Constantly touching your hair
Many people have a habit of touching their hair every now and then. It makes the hair more greasy as our finger tips contain oil, and constantly touching transfer the oil to the hair. Which makes it appear greasy.

Shampooing your hair very frequently
Shampooing is usually considered a method to remove the natural oil from the hair. However, by shampooing very frequently remove the required natural oil. Which leads to scalp producing excessive hair oil. It is better to wash your hair twice a week. It will keep your hair healthy in long run. [Also read: How is coffee useful for hair]

Dirty hairbrush
Our hairbrush can hoard a ton of harmful particles. It might be dust particles or leftovers from the old hairstyling products. The dirty brush can transfer all these dirt particles to your hair making it appear greasy and dirty. That is why it is important to clean your hair brush frequently.

Using the wrong products
For maintaining healthy and gorgeous hair, it is important to care for them in the right way. For this, you need to pick the right hair products for your hair. If you have greasy hair try to avoid hair products that provide moisturization.

All these bad habits are making your hair greasy and oily. So, why change them, and get the hair of your desire. [Also read: 5 Common Mistakes People Make While Using Dry Shampoo]

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