What are the common mistakes that damage hair

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common mistakes damage hair

It is necessary to keep the hair healthy with flawless skin. Healthy and dense hair can make you a centre of attraction among people. But due to some of your mistakes, the hair becomes weak and breaks down. Most people make these mistakes every day, causing harm to the health of the hair and it starts to deteriorate. If you want to protect your hair from harm, then never repeat these mistakes. (Also read: What Are The Things Your Should Never Do After Waxing)

Let’s know about the mistakes.

Washing daily hair
common mistakes damage hair
Usually, hair should be washed according to the need, but washing them daily can also be a big mistake. Because washing the hair regularly removes the natural oil from the scalp. As a result, dust and pollution particles make the hair weak and damage to the scalp. It is normal to wash hair after two or three days.

Too much use of conditioner

People use the conditioner after shampooing the hair. But by applying the conditioner, it also puts the conditioner on the roots of the hair which cause hair loss due to the presence of a chemical in the conditioner. Apply the conditioner only at the top of the hair. (Also read: What Are The Make-up Mistakes Which Cause Serious Acne)

Using the wrong shampoo

Every person has a different head skin, so he should choose shampoo according to the scalp. But most people do not take care of this and keep using any shampoo. Due to which the related hair problems begin to grow.

Combing wet hair

Wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair, due to which wet hair should not comb. Because by combing much-unresolved hair while combing it breaks out of the root and your hair starts decreasing.

Rubbing hair with towels

Drying your hair with dry towels can damage your hair roots. Rubbing towels weaken the hair roots and hair breaks them down. Therefore, to dry wet hair, dab them with towels, this process can take some time, but it will not cause any harm to the hair. (Also read: How Gram Flour or Besan Can Be Great For Your Skin And Hair)

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