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Common foundation mistakes: Foundation mistakes you’re making that are ruining your makeup

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Foundation mistakes you're making that are ruining your makeup

Foundation mistakes you're making

Foundation mistakes we all make: Women everywhere love to enhance their looks using makeup. However, even with makeup, you have to be extra careful about the application. Same is the case with foundation. The foundation is used to create a flawless look on special occasions. It is of two kinds dry foundation or liquid. It is important to apply the foundation in the right way so that it gives your skin an even and flawless look. Despite this, many women make mistakes when it comes to applying the foundation. It is important to avoid these mistakes as otherwise, you will end up with a chalky and uneven foundation. Let’s find out what are the common foundation mistakes. (Also read: How to set foundation: How to fix excessive foundation on face)

The Most Common Foundation Mistakes

  • Picking the wrong shade
  • Not using the proper tools
  • Applying it too thick
  • Forgetting to apply the primer
  • Using your fingers to apply it


Picking the wrong shade

foundation application mistakes
Foundation mistakes you’re making: Picking the wrong shade

Many women think that the purpose of a foundation is to make your face look fairer. However, this is just a misconception as using a lighter tone of foundation looks artificial and gives you a very unnatural appearance. So, it is better that you go for the foundation which is right for you. (Also read: Which mistakes you could be making with your eye cream)

Not using the proper tools
With the foundation, the real art is dabbing and applying it properly. When you are using the foundation on your face invest in a right blender. For a cream or liquid foundation, the synthetic brush is also a great choice.

Applying it too thick
The foundation is indeed wonderful to give your face a flawless look, but that doesn’t mean that you will apply layers of it. The thick foundation looks unnatural and gives you a chalky and dry look.

Forgetting to apply the primer
When you forget to apply the primer to your face the foundation gets in direct contact with the skin. Which is why it is important to apply primer to work as a barrier and to give you a perfect look.

Using your fingers to apply it
If you use your fingers to apply the foundation it won’t be smooth. So, always use a blender.

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Make sure you are not ruining your makeup due to these mistakes. Click the link to read this article in Hindi as well.

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