Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Which Hurt Our Eyes

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Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Which Hurt Our Eyes


Many of us are obsessed with eye make ups. Eyes are the best part of our face. With the right makeup products and right methods, the eye can look extremely beautiful. But, these are some unique methods and techniques one should follow while doing makeups, especially on eyes. If the application of the makeup is not right then it can hurt our eyes and eventually tears can ruin all the hard work. The same goes with the right and good quality of products you are using on your eyes. Hence, let us have a look at the common makeup mistakes which deliberately makes our eyes look horrible and hurt our eyes. You can check if you are also not making these mistakes which are harmful to your eyes. (Also Read: What are the natural ways to get thicker eyebrows)

Wrong makeup products for eyes:
General make up products contain a lot of chemicals. It depends solely on the brand to brand that, the level of the usage of the chemicals in one product. You should not make this mistake and apply a very lower quality of products on your eyes too. The sensitive eyes will not be able to support those chemicals and start being irritated and watery.

First curling or applying? Mascara facts:
Many of us do not know the exact method of applying mascara. What do you do? If you apply mascara before curling then you are doing it wrong since a long time. The right method is to curl your eye lashes first and then applying mascara. You might not apply mascara the other way round is extremely harmful to your lashes. It can severely damage your lashes or it can give you clumpy lashes. (Also Read: The Ultimate Hack To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Just A Minute)

Wrong usage of artificial lashes:
Making heavy and long eye lashes with using fake lash is too much into fashion these days. But people do not know the right ways to use it. They have been doing it all wrong. Firstly, the eye lashed should be very good in quality and texture. It should not hurt your eyes by its gum or its texture. Otherwise, it can make your lids become swelled and dry. So, eventually, your eye will not look good, rather it would make your eyes look dirty.

Applying eye liner on the waterline:
Do you know eye liners are not made to apply on the water line? For the water line, you should always use a Kohl or an eye pencil. Eye liners contain various chemicals which can hurt your water line. Moreover, liquid eye liners are not safe to add on the lower line of the eyes because they are usually not waterproof. (Also Read: 5 reasons that are causing dark circles under your eyes)

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