Combination skin: Tips to take care of the combination skin

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ways to care for the combination skin

Combination skin care tips

The term combination Skin means that you have two types of skin. Basically, some part of your skin is dry and some part of it is oily. In, fact, your T-zone is oily. T zone means forehead, nose and chin. This part of the face is oily and the other part is dry. If you have a combination skin you need to take special care of your skin. Because there can be problems like wrinkles, acne at the same time. Caring for a Combination Skin is a bit difficult as it about two different skin care routine. There are many reasons for that lead to a combination skin. But by following some tips you can keep your skin healthy. So let’s talk about the tips that help keep the combination skin healthy. (Also read: Monsoon skin care tips: How to take care of your skin in the rainy season)

Ways to care for the  combination skin

  • Don’t use the soap
  • Use toner for the skin
  • Remember to use sunscreen
  • Don’t touch your face again and again
  • Use light moisturizer

Don’t use the soap
The facial skin in case of a combination skin is very sensitive so do not use soap. Soap makes your skin dry and can also cause irritation of the skin, leading to other skin problems. Use cleanser or honey or milk instead of soap.  (Also read: Oily Skin: Effective tips to control the excess oil on the face)

Use toner for the skin

Combination skin care tips
Combination skin care: Use toner for the skin

Use of toner for skin care is important. It becomes more important when you have skin combinations. It helps in keeping the skin balanced and also keeps it healthy. (Also read: Beauty tips for women: How to get soft and flawless skin)

Remember to use sunscreen
Using sunscreen protects your skin against many unwanted harms. It can be tricky to pick a sunscreen that suits your skin, so take help of an expert.  (Also read: Which bedtime skin care tips provide results in a week)

Don’t touch your face again and again
Your hands are full of germs and when you touch your face constantly you are harming your skin. (Also read: What are the home remedies to get rid of oily skin)

Use light moisturizer
In case of a combination skin, don’t forget to avoid hard products. You can use a light moisturizer to keep the skin healthy.

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So, taking care of combination skin is important for your beauty. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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