How champagne is wonderful for your skin and hair

How champagne is wonderful for your skin and hair

Champagne is the drink of festivity and fun. It is the one drink that instantly marks the beginning of something happy and something amazing. However, most people don’t know that champagne is also wonderful for your hair and skin. The beautiful and bubbly champagne is without a doubt a wonderful asset in case of adding an extra glow to your skin and enhance the beauty of your hair. Most of the champagne beauty treatments are simple and easy to do. So let’s find out what these treatments are. (Also read: What happens to your skin when you stop moisturizing it)

The champagne contains carbon dioxide bubbles in it. These bubbles help to exfoliate the dry skin easily. For this treatment simply pour a glass of champagne in the bubble bath. It will do wonders for your dry skin.

Perfect toner
Not many people know this but the champagne works as an excellent toner. It helps you to get a perfect and clear skin easily. Champagne helps to detoxify your skin. It contains antibacterial traits that aid to avoid the breakout of the skin. (Also read: What are the amazing beauty hacks using the talcum powder)

Fights the decolouration of the skin
The champagne is full of tartaric acid. This acid aids to restore balance in the skin colour. It removes the decolouration when you sip it. You can dab it gently on the skin directly as well.

Smooth and silky hair
The champagne can lead you to smooth and silky hair in simple ways. It boosts the volume of your hair and adds a shine to them. The method to use champagne is simple. Add a cup of champagne to a half cup of hot water. Put it evenly on your hair and let it soak. Rinse when you are done. This will leave you with smooth and velvety hair.

Reduces redness on the face
The champagne is full of polyphenols. This is why it helps to remove the redness of face. (Also read: How to get the perfect natural look using makeup)

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