Seven biggest eyeliner mistakes you are probably making

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Seven biggest eyeliner mistakes you are probably making

Eyeliner is one of the trickiest cosmetic to use. Even a little mistake becomes very much visible when it comes to eyeliners. The right application of eyeliner can do wonders for our appearance. Eyeliner helps to make our eyes look brighter, wider and more attractive. It also makes our eyelashes stand out and appear fuller. Every woman wishes to master the art of applying the perfect eyeliner. For that purpose, it is important to avoid these silly mistakes [Also read: Here’s why regular face cleansing is necessary]

Leaving uneven gaps between lashes and liner
When it comes to applying eyeliner that most common error is leaving uneven gaps between lashes and liner. This leads to a visible gap, causing the eyeliner to appear sloppy. To correct it, make sure that the eyeliner touches the lashes correctly.

Not having a shape mapped out
Without any outline is difficult to get the dramatic eyeliner that can make the heads turn. Without proper mapping, eyeliner is sometimes overused. This leads to racoon eyes. To correct this mistake it is important to use white eyeliner to outline the way you want your eyeliner to be.[Also read: Tips to protect your under eye areas]

Lining your entire eyes black.
Eyeliners are there to make your eyes pop. However, too much use of it can hide the eyes. Overuse of eyeliner makes it difficult for eyes to appear dramatic. Instead, they just appear dark or dull.

Not using the waterproof eyeliner
It is important to use a good quality, waterproof eyeliner. It is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that people make. If the waterproof eyeliner is not available, you can you powder shadow over the eyeliner. So, as long as the powder shadow goes well with the eyeliner. It is all good.

Asymmetrical liner application
Uneven eyeliner application crashes the whole catty eye look. It is important to make sure that your eyeliner is symmetrical. It might take a little extra time. But it is better to show up late, the to show up sloppy. Therefore, always focus on the whole image when you are done with the liner.

Trying to complete the line in one stroke
To get the perfect eyeliner in just one stroke is near impossible. However, like all best things, it takes time and efforts. So it is better to use gentle little stroke instead of just one. It minimizes the mistakes and helps to get the perfect eyeliner look.

Using a dried out liner
Using an old and dried out eyeliner makes the eyes appear heavy and dull. So it is better to go for liquid-based eyeliner for more youthful and brighter eyes.

All these tricks can help you to get perfect eyeliner look. [Also read Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin]

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