What are the best ways to apply liquid lipsticks

best ways apply liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks make women look very attractive and add charms to their beauty. Most women like to use liquid lipsticks but some women do not know how to apply it properly, due to which it spreads and spoils their look. If you put it in the right way then it lasts for a long time. Liquid lipsticks are not easy to remove when you eat or drink water, and you can keep your look last for the longest time. To make your face look attractive, it is important for you to know how to apply it. (Also read: How does a milk cream(malai) face pack helps to get glowing skin)

Let’s know what is the best way to apply liquid lipstick.

Expose the lips

If your lips are dry and chapped, then it is necessary to exfoliate your lips before applying liquid lipsticks. Exfoliation removes your dead skin cells and also moisturizes your lips. Clean your lips with makeup removal after exfoliation After doing this procedure, your lips become soft and your lipstick persists for a long time.

Moisturize lips

Women prefer liquid lipstick because of they last longer. To apply this, you should first put a lip balm in order to maintain your lips moisture. These not only keep your lips soft but also help in avoiding sunlight. (Also read: How Gram Flour or Besan Can Be Great For Your Skin And Hair)

Find lip liner

Applying lip liner is not necessary. It’s just a trick to make your lipstick attractive. Lip liner is applied to give shape to your lips.

Use highlighter

Highlighter makes your lipstick smoother. You can also use highlighter, which makes your lipstick more attractive. Highlighter gives your lipstick a natural look and also make your lips attractive.

Mix liquid lipstick

Apply liquid lipstick on the lips and then rub the lips gently together. This gives your lipstick a good look. You can also use lipstick applicator to apply lipstick. (Also read: What mistakes to avoid while applying moisturizers)

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