What is the best night skin care routine one must follow

What is the best night skin care routine one must follow

Most of the skin healing takes place at night. We must not forget the fact, that skin care is equally important at night as it is in the morning. One should not skip a single step of skincare at night. Our skin needs to breathe and relax at night. We should aim at providing it utmost relaxation and nourishment so that it can overcome the damage it has got throughout the day. Hence, one must stick to the natural way of skincare. One will definitely wake up with a glowing skin in the morning. (Also read: How To Get A Younger Looking Neck Easily)

Here are some of the skincare steps one must follow every night:

Remove your makeup: This is one of the most important routines must follow. Sleeping with your face caked up with makeup is a complete NO. One should remove the entire make up from the skin before glowing to bed. What is more important is how you remove the makeup. It is best if you use natural products to remove it from your face. With so much makeup on face, the pores of the skin remain clogged up and the skin is unable to breathe.

Use toner: Toning the face is as important as moisturising the face. Toner helps your skin to get rejuvenated and get back the pH level of the skin back. All through the day, you have gathered so much dust, pollution, bacteria etc. on your skin. Toner helps to fight against them. In case you do not want to apply a chemical product, you can simply go for rose water on skin. (Also read: How to make natural dye at home to blacken grey hairs)

Use hand cream: Our hands need care too. One must apply cream and moisturiser in order to keep them nourished. They are exposed to harmful things and sunlight. Proper hand care and nourishment are necessary to protect the skin of the hands too.

Foot massage: Wash off your feet. Apply a nice foot nourishing foot cream. It’s believed that if you have clean and pampered feet at night, you dream well. It even helps you to sleep better.

Use eye cream: Nourish your eyes with a vitamin E rich eye cream. Your eyes too get exposed to dust and dirt all through the day. Wrinkles and dark circles are the most common problems of teh people. Thus, applying a good eye cream is best to retain those flawless beautiful eyes.

Brush your teeth: Brushing your teeth is very important to get rid of the bacteria that gets accumulated in the mouth. It even helps to get rid of the bad breath and the damage to the teeth. One should always brush twice a day to get those shiny white pearls.

Use silk pillows: Silk is essential for the skin. It helps to prevent the sleep lines on your face. It contains proteins and natural amino acids which help the skin to breath and heal.

Get enough sleep: It is essential to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Sleeping properly is the best way to get a glowing and radiant skin. All the internal and external healing takes place while you are asleep. Thus, maintain a sleeping pattern and sleep sufficiently without any disturbance. (Also read: How To Brighten Your Eyes And Look More Awake)

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