Best hygiene tips: How to maintain the hygiene of the skin and hair

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Hygiene tips: People must take a good care of their hair and skin to keep them healthy.

Best hygiene tips: Until now, we all talk about how to add a glow to the skin and get long and strong hair. However, no one of pay attention towards maintaining the hygiene of hair and skin. Our skin and hair need to be taken care off properly to prevent them of any kind of bacterial or fungal infection. Before adding shine and glow, it is necessary to maintain the health of the skin as well as hair. As the hair and the skin get exposed to dirt, pollution, weather change, Sun rays, harsh chemicals etc., we must try to provide them with proper nourishment to maintain their hygiene. Let’s discuss how! (Also read: Get thick and healthy hair: Golden rules to get thicker hair)

Skin and hair hygiene: How to maintain the hygiene of hair and skin?

  1. A person must take a bath regularly in order to prevent any infection in the body. Bathing helps to cleanse the body and prevents the bad body odour caused by sweating.
  2. One must keep the skin hydrated. For this, one must drink around 8-10 glasses of water every day. Not just this, one must apply moisturiser and conditioner to the skin and hair respectively.

    Essential hygiene tips for hair and skin
    Hygiene tips: One must take proper care of hair and skin to keep them healthy.
  3. Some people have the problem of excessive sweating. In case you are sweating way too much, wash your scalp properly and regularly to prevent hair fall.
  4. It is essential to comb your hair. Make sure you comb them well with a wooden hairbrush after they get dry. Don’t brush your hair aggressively. Be gentle!
  5. Avoid shampooing daily. In case you have to shampoo your hair do it using a herbal shampoo. Excess shampooing snatches the natural oil of the hair and makes them dull as well as dry.
  6. Try to clean and shave your body hair time to time. It helps to reduce the risk of any infection in the body and also reduces sweating.
  7. Exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of dead skin cells.

    how to take care of the hair and the skin
    Healthy skin and hair: If you want to have healthy skin as well as hair, take care of them.
  8. In order to get an even skin tone and avoid excess oil on the skin, use a natural toner.
  9. One must change the bedsheets and pillow cover time to time in order to reduce the chances of bacteria build up.
  10. Also, take a detox water and follow a detox diet to have healthy skin and hair.

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These are some of the most important hygiene tips one must follow to get healthy hair and skin. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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