Best Hair Oils For The Different Types Of Hair

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Best Hair Oils For The Different Type Of Hair

We hardly care about our hair. The super polluted air, dirt and smog day by day keeps making our hair rough and lifeless. We are accustomed, to use shampoo on our hair on every alternate day. But that is not just enough. The best remedy of making hair texture better is to oil them regularly. But then also, you may not know that different hair types need different types of oil. How many of you know that which hair oil is best according to the hair texture? Very few of you must know about it. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the right hair oil for your hair texture. (Also Read: What Are The Alarming Signs Say That You Need To Cut Your Hair Now)

Mustard oil:

Best Hair Oils For The Different Types Of Hair

Mustard oil has various benefits. For hair, it works like magic. It has minerals, antioxidants and selenium which makes your hair highly hydrated and nutritious. It boosts hair growth too. Other than that, it has omega-3 which is an essential fatty acid makes your hair roots stronger. If you have extra rough hair, you should use mustard oil mostly.

Castor oil:
There is no substitute of castor oil for your hair. As it has vitamin B, mineral, protein, it is extremely beneficial for your hair. Moreover, it has antioxidant, which provides keratin to your hair and helps them to stay straight for a long time. It even has anti-bacterial properties which is very much beneficial for your scalp. (Also Read: What Is The Secret Of Air-Drying Your Hair Perfectly)

Coconut oil:

Best Hair Oils For The Different Types Of Hair

There is nothing new in talking about the benefits of coconut oil for hair. It makes your hair silky and smooth. This oil boosts the hair growth and provides nutrients to those follicles. In fact, it has various vitamins and minerals which helps the hair to grow faster. You can use this on any type of hair.

Almond oil:
Almond oil has a lot of health and beauty benefits. It is quite light and nutrition oil. You can use this on any type of hair. But preferably not in case of very rough and dry hair. It has antioxidant, vitamin E, fatty acids and a lot of proteins. If your scalp is itchy, almond oil should be your first option.

Olive oil:

Best Hair Oils For The Different Types Of Hair

Olive oil makes your hair grow faster like anything. Furthermore, olive has a protective power which helps your hair stay out of roughness. If you want to keep the hair softness intact, you should use olive oil once in a week. But make sure you deep condition your hair. (Also Read: What Are The Hair Colouring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making now)


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