Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds Or Methi For Hair

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Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds Or Methi For Hair

Fenugreek seeds or Methi seeds are awesome to treat hair and skin problems. The way this herb enhances the taste of Indian cuisine, the same way it helps our hair to look more lustrous and thick. Since ancient era to 2017, the need of Fenugreek seeds has not faded away. Traditionally, methi used to work as a medicine to promote better health and as a potent hair option. But today, this herb can work more efficiently and quickly on our hair. Only the methods should be appropriate. (Also Read: Five Tips To Control Hair Fall)

Hence, here are some amazing benefits of Fenugreek seeds or Methi for our hair. This would help you incorporating methi to your regular hair care regime.

How to control hair fall with Fenugreek seeds?
Fenugreek seeds are super efficient to control hair fall. Many of us have noticed that all the big brand products available in the market contain methi to control hair loss. So, you can also rely on methi blindly to apply on your hair. What you have to do is, soak the seeds overnight. Next day in the morning, add a little amount of lemon juice with a smooth paste of the seeds. Apply this thick solution to your hair like a face pack. Keep them for 45 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with a good quality shampoo and cold water. (Also Read: Six ways to make your hair colour last longer)

How to grow hair with Fenugreek seeds?
Fenugreek seeds are very much efficient to grow hair faster. In fact, hair care experts also prefer methi when it comes to home remedies for hair problems. You have to boil methi and then add a little amount of coconut oil. You have to boil it until the colour becomes reddish. After that apply the warm oil on your scalp and massage well.

How to remove dandruff with Methi seeds?
Methi can remove all your hair problems like magic. It can even treat stubborn dandruff from your scalp. The method is easy. All you have to do is, combine fenugreek or methi seeds with an almost same amount of yoghurt. Make a smooth concoction and apply this on your scalp and hair. Keep that paste on your head around 45 minutes. Keep doing this three times in a week. It will remove dandruff like anything. Ensure to wash it off every particle of methi off your hair with a mild shampoo. (Also Read: How to tackle hair loss problem)

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