Benefits of hibiscus: How is hibiscus flower beneficial for hair

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how hibiscus flower is good for hair

Hibiscus flower is great for hair and helps to get long as well as strong hair.

Benefits of hibiscus: Hibiscus which is most commonly known as Gudhal is extremely beneficial for hair health. It initiates the healthy growth of hair and also helps to make them strong. Many people complain about the poor hair health and use a lot of chemical based products. However, these hair products do no good for their hair and even worsen the condition. Hair loss, split ends, itchy scalp, thin hair etc. are some of the most common hair problems among people. Using hibiscus is thus great to get long and strong hair. It contains the amino acid, vitamin A, C, alpha hydroxyl etc. which provides an adequate amount of nutrition to the body. Thus, let’s discuss in detail about the benefits of using hibiscus in hair. (Also read: What are the health benefits of Hibiscus flower?)

How to use hibiscus in hair to get long and strong hair?

  • Hibiscus powder
  • Hibiscus as a conditioner
  • Hair oil made of hibiscus
  • Cleanser

Hibiscus powder

Benefits of applying hibiscus in hair
Hibiscus flower is great for hair. Washing hair directly with hibiscus water makes hair strong.

Mixing hibiscus in water or in tea and applying it to the hair is great. Keep it in your hair for half an hour. Now apply a mixture made of coconut oil, coconut milk and yoghurt. Let it stay in hair for half an hour. Now wash off your hair with lukewarm water.

Hibiscus as a conditioner
One can easily prepare hibiscus conditioner at home. you need just hibiscus flower and water. Boil some water and add hibiscus flower to it. Let it boil for sometime. You will notice the change in colour. Let it cool down and you can use it as a conditioner to your hair. (Also read: How to make natural conditioner for your hair)

Hair oil made of hibiscus

How to apply hibiscus to hair to make them strong
Making a hibiscus and coconut oil mix helps to get long and soft hair.

Boil some coconut oil in a pan and add hibiscus petals to it. Let it heat for sometime. You will notice the change in colour of the oil. Now add some hibiscus leaves to the oil again and use it daily. (Also read: Best hair oil: How to prevent hair fall with different mixtures of hair oil)

Grind hibiscus leaves properly and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste to your hair and let it rest for sometime. After that, wash your scalp with plain water and see the difference.

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Hibiscus plant and flower help to fight various hair problems. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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