Which bedtime skin care tips provide results in a week

bedtime skin care tips provide results week

Everyone is concerned about their beauty and health of the skin. For this, people make many efforts and use many skin care products or home remedies. But sometimes due to small mistake, problems occur like acne, black spots or the pimples. The best time to take care of skin is at the night. During the night, the skin gets more nutrition and your skin does not even come in contact with dust and pollution. By taking care of your face you can protect it from bacteria and germs. In this regard, if you adopt some changes in your habits before sleeping, you can improve your skin health and save it from many problems as well.  (Also read: Which natural products may be harmful to your skin and why)

Let’s know how you can improve skin’s health in seven days by just changing your habits:

Keep your pillow clean
Cushion and skin stay in touch with each other. In such a situation, it is very necessary to clean the dirt of pillows. Otherwise, dirt gets accumulated in the pores of your skin and promotes many skin related problems. Use silk pillows for healthy skin.

Clean the skin
Clean your face with facewash wash before sleeping. It clears the dirt off your face and also provides moisture to the skin. Apart from this, you can clean your skin dirt by applying moisturizers. (Also read: How to use mustard oil to get healthy hair)

Add toner
After cleaning the skin, add toner. It cleans your pores and keeps the skin hydrated as well. Before applying a toner, keep in mind that your skin is completely dry. Try to use a fruit-based toner as it also provides nutrition to your skin.

Steam skin
Steaming the skin is a better option, but keep in mind that do not steam daily. The steam opens your pores due which dirt is cleaned easily.

For Lips
When it comes to skin, you can not ignore your lips. Apply a cream or coconut oil on your lips at night, because it helps keep your lips tender and also helps to exfoliate your lips. (Also read: How men can take care of their skin in summers)

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