Which beauty tools are actually harmful to use

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Which beauty tools are actually harmful to use

Almost every girl uses multiple types of equipment to do her hair and curl her lashes right. Applying makeup with all the necessary tools like eye curler, too many brushes etc. is usually the daily routine of almost every girl. However, in order to look more beautiful and carry a particular look, women usually forget the harmful impacts of too much styling. These styling tools often damage our hair and skin as well. These tools often hamper the health of our hair and do more harm than any good. Thus, one must try to avoid using these styling tools and equipment as much as possible. (Also read: How does honey help to have beautiful naturally strong hair)

Which beauty tools are actually harmful to use?

Hair straightening machine: Hair straighteners damage our hair more than doing any good to them. They often burn the hair and leads to the injury on an ear or maybe forehead. It even makes the scalp dry due to the excessive heat. It also makes the hair dry and frizzy.

Hair dryer: Hairdryer often snatches off the natural oil from the scalp making it dry. It eventually turns the hair dry and lifeless which look quite unappealing. If you use a hair dryer daily, you will notice the bad health of your hair. (Also read: What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making)

UV Nail lamp: Offlate, nails arts and nail manicure are so much in trend. This involves applying too many nails paints and fillings on the nail. In order to dry them up, a UV nail lamp is used for quick drying. These lamps are extremely harmful to the overall health of the body and also impacts the skin.

Eyelashes curler: Eyelashes curler though helps to curl your lashes perfectly, they possess the possibility of hurting your eyes as well. While you curl your eyelashes, your lashes might come off. A slight mishandling might lead to eye injury.

Hair curler machine: Many girls like to have those perfect curls in their hair. Curling machine heats your hair to curl them perfectly. When a curl rolls down your face, it might burn your skin and hurt your face. Besides this, excessive heating of hair turn them dull and lifeless. (Also read: How does vitamin E help hair and skin)

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