What are the beauty benefits of green tea for skin

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What are the beauty benefits of green tea for skin

It is a widely known fact that the green tea is great for the health. It is an amazing way to stay fit. It contains antioxidants, enzymes, amino acid and polyphenols(phytochemicals). Thus, it is also wonderful for the skin. Other than the mentioned nutrients, the green tea also contains vitamins, folate, caffeine, potassium and magnesium. These things help to remove the dead skin cell and revives your skin. It provides the skin with better blood circulation and at the same time fights the bacterial presence on the skin. So, let’s find out how green helps you to get a flawless skin. (Also read: How to get long hair in a month)

Brings a glow to your skin
The green tea helps to bring a glow to your skin. It removes the toxins present on your skin as well as reduces the pimples and acne. It controls the inflammation and brings a glow to the skin.

For dark circles
The green tea contains the antioxidants and tannin that work as an astringent. They help to prevent the dark circles and swelling under the eyes. Thus it improves the look of your face. (Also read: How to make your makeup last longer in summer)

Reduces the signs of ageing
The green tea has anti-ageing and antioxidant traits. It contains the polyphenols that help to fight the free-radicals and remove their influence. Thus, it reduces the impact of ageing.

Pimples and acne
The green tea is full of Catechins that works in anti-bacterial form. It fights the bacteria responsible for the pimples and acne. t also helps to regulate the hormonal imbalance.

Works as a skin toner
The green tea works as an amazing skin toner. It removes the dirt from the skin and thus your skin’s appearance changes. It provides moisture to the skin. (Also read: How to get rid of the dry skin from leg and feet)

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